Prayer and Praise on a Bridge

Last week a California worship leader gathered believers on the Golden Gate bridge to sing and pray for San Francisco. They also ended up praying for the officers who were sent to stop them. I love when we can see God moving.

Below is an excerpt from Nate and Christy Johnston about their experience.

As we stood and worshipped overlooking the Bay Area yesterday afternoon, a Police Officer on his bicycle came and stood in amongst us all. At first we thought he might have been there to break up the group, but instead, he stood quietly next to us. With curiosity in his eyes, he asked our friend Jess what we were doing, and as she explained to him we were here to worship and declare the name of Jesus over S.F and California, a warm smile spread across his face. We began ministering to him, and with tears in his eyes, he began to tell us how his job is to parole the bridge and to prevent suicides. He alone has saved 150 precious lives from jumping off the Golden Gate.

I could see weariness in his eyes though, and so we continued to minister to him for some time. Through a soft smile, he told us how much he needed this- the worship, the prayer, the hugs… and though it seemed he didn’t really understand what we were all doing- a bunch of radical Jesus lovers declaring the name of Jesus and worshipping Him on the middle of the bridge – it evidently touched this Police Officers heart deeply. He kept saying Thankyou over and over again.

I find it profound that worship drew him there. He heard our singing and, like a magnet, he was drawn to see what was happening. In a time where lawlessness is being promoted and police officers like this one are being treated as the enemy, Gods desire to refresh the heart of one of His servants was paramount. It was unity that caught his curiosity- the unity of sons and daughters singing as one, proclaiming the name of Jesus. This man rode away with an entirely different countenance.

I love how God is looking to bring restoration to ALL right now. And it will come through the unity of His bride.