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I Am Refreshing You

Do you ever need some refreshing? I believe we are in a season where God is refreshing us with His presence. One of the new trends in worship music is to record songs before a live audience, with the purpose of going after the presence of God. This helps creates a true atmosphere of praise and brings the spirit of God right into your living room.

One of my favorite creators of worship music is TRIBL. They create unscripted worship experiences with the goal of recording them to share. In the mornings, before I sit down with the Lord, I turn on one of these videos and allow the Holy Spirit to wash over me, drawing me closer to the heart of God. It’s a daily refreshing of my spirit that is so desperately needed.

Below is a link to a worship playlist I created on the Be Equipped YouTube page. Take a listen and allow it to draw you closer to the Lord.


The Blessing