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Parenting Resources

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We all can use some day to day parenting advice. Here are a couple of resources I follow that have really good practical advice for creating healthy families.

  • Jefferson Bethke – Jeff and his wife Alyssa focus on creating healthy families, and have produced some great resources. Jeff has a Five Minute Fatherhood podcast which I love, especially since it is great information packed in 5 minutes!
  • Wendy Speake – Wendy has a book “Triggers” that helps exchange anger for gentle answers. She also manages a couple of fasts to help you get recentered on the Lord. You can find her at or on her Facebook page
  • Seth Dahl – Seth has a new book “Win + Win Parenting” – He has does quick videos on FaceBook and Instagram to give out advice and encouragement.
  • Collin Kartchner – Collin fell into his calling when he found out a close friend had lost her daughter to suicide because of Social Media. He has started a new movement #savethekids. “Fighting Social Media’s Influence on Teen Mental Health.” The resources he offers are very enlightening. This is one of the most fascinating accounts I follow on Instagram or
  • Protect Young Eyes – This is a very informative group that shares privacy issues with apps and explains smart phone settings for parents.