Identity Crisis?

Can we talk about Kanye for a minute? Here is what I love about his story.  We have watched him tell us how important he is, how talented he is, and how popular he is.  His identity was in his performance…in his gifts.  Getting on stage at an awards show when it is not your turn is the epitome of an identity crisis. 

But now he has found Jesus and guess what, all he wants to tell you is how great his Jesus is.  That’s reformation.  He is still very gifted and popular but everything he does points back to Jesus and the mercy the Lord has on him.  His authenticity and openness are drawing people right to Jesus.  He doesn’t try to deny his creative gifts instead he wants to use them for God. That’s a great story of finding your true identity.

Personally, I think we all are in the middle of some kind of identity crisis.  We are trying to not get caught up in the “likes” we get on social media, but it does feel good to be liked, to make people laugh or to have great ideas, but what happens when we can’t and when we don’t. 

Here is what I know.  God has stripped me of everything I thought I was and it was hard.  Shocking actually…because now what?  Is it enough that I am a child of God?  Who am I really?  Fortunately, I went to the only person that knew the answer. I asked the Lord how he saw me and He brought me to 1 John 3.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

I read this verse over and over and asked God “who do YOU say I am?”.  What do YOU see for me?  Where do I fit in YOUR plan? And by God’s grace he told me…he comforted me.  He let me know how much he loved me. He, then, invited me to come back again and again to be reminded and it was truly enough.  Sitting in a spirit of worship and feeling God’s love overwhelm me was more than enough.

So I want to invite you to go to the Father with your questions, your insecurities, your identity.  Ask Him how He sees you.  Let him overwhelm you with His love and great plans for you.  You have a special identity in him and he desperately wants to tell you.